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We are excited to announce that Solve.Care has formed a collaboration with Chainlink to integrate decentralized oracle networks on Solve.Care’s platform to expand the role smart contracts play in the healthcare industry’s future. Chainlink’s market-leading decentralized oracle network will be used to securely source and deliver the off-chain medical data required for the execution of smart contract-based healthcare services, revolutionizing the industry. Chainlink’s oracles will play a critical role in Solve.Care’s global platform by connecting key datasets and non-blockchain devices to Care Networks that run a multitude of healthcare services such as managing patients with diabetes, remote monitoring of patients with chronic ailments, healthcare workforce management well-being, and much more. Through this integration with Chainlink, Solve.Care will offer a greater value proposition for Care Networks by providing the healthcare industry the ability to directly measure the efficiency and efficacy of their services using smart contracts powered by tamper-resistant and highly secure datasets.

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The importance of Blockchain and Oracle Technology to Healthcare Innovation Healthcare industry estimates suggest that many inefficient legacy systems are wasting billions of dollars and endangering patient outcomes. Blockchain technology shows incredible promise to address many of these inefficiencies including improvements in health insurance reporting and financing, confidential research and patient data, and establishing notarized definitive truth for the medical device supply chain.

As a global healthcare platform, Solve.Care is leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology to seamlessly bring together Administrators, Clinicians, and Patients in a trust-minimized manner. Blockchain technology allows us to not only improve access to care, but also administer healthcare more efficiently, pay providers for results accurately and on-time, as well as improving the outcomes and reducing overall healthcare costs.

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