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During the last few years, smart contracts and blockchain oracles have transformed the crypto industry, and one specific project called Chainlink is the most widely used oracle network to-date. Another interesting thing about Chainlink is the project’s creator, Sergey Nazarov has been a Satoshi Nakamoto suspect in recent times. Last year, a number of reports attempted to prove that Nazarov could be Bitcoin’s creator by leveraging circumstantial evidence and speculation.

Chainlink Founder Sergey Nazarov Deemed a Satoshi Suspect

Over the last few years, has written extensively on what some people believe is the greatest mystery of all within the cryptocurrency space. A great number of sleuths are hunting for Satoshi Nakamoto and the whereabouts of all the bitcoins the creator mined while kick-starting the network.

Our newsdesk has also created a comprehensive list of all the Satoshi Nakamoto suspects and the most recent on our list is a present-day theory. Last year, a couple of reports and a Youtube video outlined the possibility that the creator of Chainlink (LINK), Sergey Nazarov, could be Bitcoin’s inventor.

One report written by UX Sequence ( gives a comprehensive look at all the evidence that allegedly ties Nazarov to the creation of Bitcoin. The following is the

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