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Chainlink is one of the few projects that seems to appease a lot of other developers. Its technology is found far and wide, spanning dozens of projects on the market today. In the past week, there have been several additions to the list of ventures integrating Chainlink’s technology in one way or another. 

BOSAGORA’s Staking Pool

While not everyone may be familiar with the BOSAGORA project, it provides an innovative staking pool investment model. To ensure secure and reliable pricing information, the project incorporates Chainlink’s blockchain oracle solution to issue fiat loans backed by BOA tokens. This integration primarily benefits the FMWay equity-based investment algorithm, a partner of BOSAGORA.

ONBUFF IP Exchange

Many projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space gain little or no recognition at first. ONBUFF taps Chainlink’s price feeds to support the IP Block market platform for selling intellectual property. The platform provides accurate crypto price data through the price oracles, letting users trade and list NFTs and accept their preferred cryptocurrency as payment. 

RAI Finance Cross-Chain DEX

As no two crypto-assets have the same value at any given time, building cross-chain swap protocols becomes a lot more complicated. As a cross-chain swap protocol built on Polkadot, RAI Finance will integrate Chainlink price Feeds for reliable pricing information. Creating a tamper proof system while dealing with fluctuating markets requires technology on this scale. 

ATTN NFTPlatform

While the cryptocurrency community remains divided on whether NFTs are the future or just a fad, several platforms bring this technology to the masses. ATTN,

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